1º ESO in Agua García Field Trip

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Sixty 1º ESO CLIL students have spent the morning in Agua García. They have ldone lots of sport, learned about the plants, worked in different activities, and practised English. A great day trip!

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4º ESO Spends a Week Immersion Course in Exeter from 8-15 April

A group of 26 students from 4º ESO CLIL have travelled to Exeter where they spent a fantastic week: three hours of classes a day, packed lunches, day trips, cultural activities and visits, and living with British families. Patricia Guillama and Marta Casariego have travelled with them. Thanks to all the parents, students and teachers for their collaboration, positive attitude,  and great work!

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Danish Students visit our High School

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-16 a las 10.34.14Fifteen students from Stövring Gymnasium in Denmark visited us from 23rd to the 30th of November. It has been a great experience; on the whole thirty students sharing a week full of activities and friendship. They enjoyed in our protected natural areas such as The Teide National Park, The Centennial Forest in Agua García, and they even travelled to Los Cristianos to try and locate some whales and dolphins.  Other beaches were also part of their afternoon visits. Of course they enjoyed touring  La Laguna and Santa Cruz too, and doing some shopping!! Getting to know about other cultures and places is the best way to become more tolerant and we hope we can have the opportunity to go on with this exchange in years to come. Thanks to all the participants for the warmth and friendliness you have treated your guests!


Halloween artists in 2º ESO!

Enjoying Spooky Halloween!

2º ESO CLIL students and their English teacher Patricia Guillama have celebrated  this Anglosaxon tradition, which is celebrated on 31st October.

Bertie, our language assistant teacher, was there too! It is much more interesting when you are told how

 2nd ESO students commemorated this date decorating the classroom with some spooky garlands. During the English lesson they participated in a contest related to Halloween and filled in and sang the famous song by Marilyn Manson “This is Halloween”.