ERASMUS KA2: AVITAE DAY in The Canarias Cabrera Pinto



A cultural week is celebrated in our high school every year when different exhibitions and visits take place. This event was chosen to show our AVITAE project to all the community.  From 13th to 17th April all the students in the High School had the opportunity to know about the project. We created  a poster which summarizes the concept of AVITAE,  pictures the schools involved and the dates of meetings.

rutas comerciales


We also showed some posters elaborated by the students about the origin of entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean sea: trade routes, products, coins. Hermes, the god of trade, played a special role in our day, with a amazing picture. Many students enjoyed the exhibitions, guided by the AVITAE teachers and students.
In addition, AVITAE students went to different classes and talked about their experience in the project showing the activities they had done: prezzis, prototype IMG_4466designs, powerpoints, videos, pictures… They answered all the questions asked by the other students and invited all of them to participate. All the students could appreciate the different educational opportunities that these kind of international meetings can offer them, feeling the Canary Islands are closer to Europe.

To finish off the week, we had the performance of a puppet show called “Travel with Aeneas”. He was one of the heroes of classical times who persistently tried to succeed despite all the troubles he had to encounter. An ancient model for any modern entrepreneur.



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