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One of the key activities in our project is the edition of the newspaper AVITAE. Finland, “publication manager” is in charge, Tauno Rajaniemi, Hanne Saarikoski, and a group of students and teachers. The College of Pyhäjoke has a newspaper that  is published  in its community, Pyhähoken Kuulumiset. A group of students from the centre, with the collaboration of teachers, publish each edition. The expenses are covered by companies in the area, who have  a space for advertising on the last page. This  is also an example of business with benefits, which they use to make a trip.

The AVITAE newspaper is produced and distributed together with the school newspaper. Once elaborated, they are distributed in Pyhäjoki, as a supplement in the newspaper, and in addition each country of the project receives around 50 copies.

We wish to congratulate Finland, and all those involved in the drafting and editing of the AVITAE newspaper. There is no doubt that we have learned and improved a lot throughout the process.

From October 2014 until December 2015, AVITAE has published 5 issues. Each AVITAE newspaper has two thematic blocks. One of them revolves around the country that has been visited (experiences, work done), and the second theme is chosen by the components of the project, after a consensus has been reached, trying to make the subject meaningful and directly related to the implementation of the project. All countries participate in the elaboration of articles. For some articles our students work in international groups, they must distribute the work, decide what to publish, etc. It is essential to establish clear rules with respect to articles, generally between 500 and 1000 characters, choose quality photographs, and especially deadlines, which must be strictly followed. Other articles are made in each country, sometimes individually, others as a group. The articles are revised by the teachers and sent to Finland.

Our first publication included information about our project, and also all the schools which are in it. Each group of students from one country questioned another country. With the answers obtained, the students described other schools. It was a very interesting activity and allowed the students to get to know each other.

The second issue contains some articles on Orestad Gymnasium,  “the school without paper”. It is an example of innovation in its design and also in  teaching  methodology. It has been a great experience for all the members of the project. We have also done a bit of historical research on important events that occurred in each country on specific dates, “a time line”. In this issue, changes were made in the design, agreed with all members.

The third issue contains interesting information on the visit to Greece, “a dream society” and information on entrepreneurship: workshops carried out during the visit: case studies and models, coins, etc.

The fourth issue, distributed in August, reports how each school has celebrated AVIAE DAY. The second block presents examples of successful entrepreneurs in each country. The students visited different companies and asked their managers what characteristics had made them succeed, what difficulties they have faced, etc.

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The fifth issue, distributed in December 2015, contains information about the visit to Bratislava and the activities carried out there. Also, each country has developed an article on the impact Xmas season has on their business. Our students in Tenerife interviewed the Mayor of our city, and several businessmen.


The sixth issue, dated February 2016, contains articles written by the students in which they express their opinion about the education they have received, and to what extent they have been prepared for the world of entrepreneurship. The other  articles  are on how technological advances and innovation have changed their lives.

The seventh issue, published in April 2016, is about our e-book on cooking, traditional recipes, with an innovative touch of each country, read articles on dream destinations, and finally, we continue to deepen the theme of Innovation and creative thinking.

Issue number eight was published in May 2016. It contains information about the visit to Tenerife last April: places of interest, and special moments in this international meeting. Also, a report is made of each of the market models that the countries have prepared for the meeting in Tenerife. Each country has commented on another partner’s market.

Issue number nine was published in August 2016. Contains articles on a topic of great interest to our young people: social networks. It also reports on the second AVITAE DAY celebrated in all the schools.

Issue number ten was published in December 2016. It contains articles on our stay in Cyprus, on the creation of mini-companies, and examples of companies that have  failed, and have overcome them by  implementing some changes (pivoting)

Issue number eleven was published in February 2017. It is a special issue on The European Community. This year is the 60th anniversary of its creation, and AVITAE  members consider that it is an anniversary that is worth celebrating. Especially, in the contex of crisis  the European Union is at facing after Brexit and other threats


Issue number twelve was published in April 2017, after the visit to Lucca. It was a great experience. All the teams together presenting their mini-companies. All the effort, and expertise was shown there. The activities and cultural visits prepared by our Italian partners were great! It is all in the paper. Have a look!

Issue number thirteen waas published in May 2017. It is a compilation of experiences and the memories from all  the students in the Project. Don’t miss it!

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