LERCARO, History and Anthropology Museum of Tenerife

During the last two school years, we have been involved in the AVITAE project. We have worked with students from different groups in the High School. Both older -bachillerato-, and younger -ESO- students. This year, the group which has been collaborating with the project is mainly formed by students in 4º ESO A and 4º ESO D. They are students who are in the CLIL Programme. Throughout this period, we have also collaborated in international teams.

DSCN3737.JPGWe have visited the Lercaro museum to get the information we needed to carry out our project successfully. We highly recommend visiting The Lercaro Palace, which houses the History and Anthropology Museum of Tenerife. The workshops offered there are really interesting for students. They can learn about our past in an active way.


The 4º ESO CLIL group, together with their teachers MARÍA DOLORES RODRÍGUEZ and CARMEN NIEVES HERNÁNDEZ BRITO, have elaborated two brochures about this museum which you can read here.

Apart from visiting all the rooms, a wide choice of interesting workshops are also offered to students and visitors. During the international AVITAE meeting that will be held in April, from the 19th to the 26th, we have booked one about traditional costumes.

Students will also have the opportunity to visit all the exhibition rooms and learn about the history of Tenerife from the XV century onwards.



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