TENERIFE. November 2015


By Melany Gutierrez Prieto, Héctor Martín Suárez, Ariadna White, Brígida Siverio, Elizabeth Hurtado Adriana Pérez and  Ana Clara Martinez

María Elena Cabrera and Marta Casariego coordinated the exchange programme. In November, the Danish students travelled to Tenerife.

All the week, different visits were organiZed. So that our guests could know different parts of the island. Some of the places visited were Puerto de la Cruz or the Teide and the museums of Santa Cruz too.

STOVRING.  April 2016 

thumb_P4071798_1024 2

A group of 11 students travelled to Denmark from 31st March to 7th April. They participated in lots of activities done in the Stovring Gymnasium and they also visited museum and other interesting sites.

The two activities  we enjoyed the most were done by the English and Maths teachers. They involved “critical thinking”, and students participating in interesting challenging problem solving tasks. The students read a text  narrating a story that apparently had happened.  Then, we watched a film  about it.  The second activity was a Maths game. The points were given after solving some problems.

Héctor Martín, one of the students told us about the problems they had before reaching Aalborg.

“I went to Denmark with my high school. We enjoyed it so much. But not everything came out as we had planned. We went to the airport at 6.00 o’ clock in the morning because the airplane took off at 7.00, but that day it was so stormy that we couldn’t fly from the Rodeos airport, so we went to the south of the island and finally the plane took off at 8. 15. When we arrived in Barcelona airport, more problems arouse, because we had lost our connection with the other plane and our luggage got lost too.

So, we had to spend this day at the Barcelona airport waiting for the luggage, which finally arrived. Luckily, the plane company paid a very good hotel for us. It was near the airport because the next plane to Copenhagen took off the next morning so early. Although we were very tired we spent a great night in Barcelona. Many of us didn’t sleep much!

In the morning we finally flew to Copenhagen and then to Aalborg. 

The students and their families, the school and the place was incredible. Despite the delays this trip has been my dream come true.



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