Ancient and future market places

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For Tenerife meeting an exposition of markets has been organized. There is an ancient market version, inspired in Arab, Egyptian, Greek or local  markets, and then, each team has designed what they think markets will be like in a 100 years time. Here are of the pictures of and  models in the Spanish team! A contest will be held among all the countries. We are eager to see what the other countries have on store for the contests!

Have a look at the models students prepared. Carolina and Carla are  going to explain how they designed their models

Here are some of the markets created by the other AVITAE teams. Wonderful models!

The Italian team also presented two different models. One of them won the competition. It was  a very original game.

The Danish team presented two different models. They used QR codes, and digital models.


The Greek team prepared a nice presentation. We enjoyed it a lot!

They Cyprus team also presented different projects: some paintings and a model which impressed us all. Attention to every detail was put in that model. They had a drone for transporting the products of their futuristic market!


The Finnish Team recorded a video of their model.

The Slovak team also presented a digital output





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