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“We are all happy when we are given flowers, don’t you think so?”


This is an activity we did in 1º Bachillerato D today. They were tired and stressed. Some of them had to sit a philosophy exam  and there were only 16 students in my English class. So we did something different. They took pen and paper and drew a girl or a buy buying flowers. Then they had to explain why they were buying those flowers. The boys were buying flowers to girls, while the girls were buying flowers to boys. They had to talk and make sure the reason was different for every student. When we finished the activity we talked a little bit about this topic. Do we usually buy flowers to boys? Do you  think they like being given flowers?…

We finished the activity by taking pictures of the drawings and explanations the students had written. Then at home I have created this video, just buy putting the images and the song. I hope this can inspire you!

The idea for this activity was given to me in the course I attended in Norwich last July. “Using images and video in the Language Classroom”, with Jamie Keddie in the picture above.



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