CLIL Is About Doing Cross Curricular Projects

4º ESO Students from Groups  A  and D  Make an Itinerary in el  Médano Area2016-06-09 21.30.54

TRIP TO EL MÉDANO   by Alejandra, Yaiza, Frida and Carla. (4º ESO A and D)

Last Thursday 9th of June we went to El Médano , and we did a route through ‘Montaña Roja’, the nice unspoiled red mountain.  We went there because it was a project that we had prepared in P.E., Biology and English. It  consisted of proposing an itinerary of a route in different environments like beaches, mountains, forests. We chose our itinerary, looked for information about it, and then did the itinerary, took pictures, and prepared a presentation for the class. After all the presentations finished, our classmates had to vote the best one, and our excursion  to El Médano was the most voted one.

First, we met at 8.15h in the High School to take the bus and we arrived at El Médano at 9.30h.  We started walking from the town’s square and we reached our destination one hour  and a half later.

During the walk we saw different endemic plants and animals like “treinta nudos”, “cardons”,  and “chorlitejos patinegros”. We could enjoy a coastal landscape very different from the one that we always see in La Laguna.  When we reached the top of the mountain, we enjoyed a few minutes just watching the beautiful scenery and after, we returned to the beach and we stayed there for about 4 hours (eating healthy food, talking in English and playing different sports). Finally, we took the bus at 4:00pm to return to our homes.

We think that this visit to el Medano has been very interesting and it has taught us a number of things about the area, while having a good time. Maybe it’s an excursion that all the classes should do because it is an opportunity to visit different  environments and to get fit!

In our opinion it is better to go with more than one class (as we did) to meet different people that we don’t really know.

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