AVITAE 2014-2017: Memories And Expectations


grupo dinamarcaIMG_4098

 Denmark: January 2015.   By Pilar 4º ESO A

This trip took place in January 2015. Five students and two teachers from each country involved in the project met in Copenhagen. We stayed there for five days. We were impressed at this modern school and how fluent Danish students were in English. We had several activities both in Orestad High School and outside, like trips and visits to places around the city. We had a very good time during this fantastic trip and it has changed my opinion about foreign people being different from us.

Greece: April 2015. By Carlos González 4º ESO A

grupo greciamuseo grecia

We went to this country in April 2016.We met in Arta for a week. We worked on innovation and, we also explored the town. Later, we made some excursions in the countryside. We discovered many different people with other points of view and I am sure that it is  an experience that I am not going to forget.

Slovaquia: October 2016. By Yolimar Siverio. 4º ESO Ayolimar for avitae project

Being in a big project as Avitae is not as easy as it may seem, however if you are willing to participate and also you do your best, you will do well, because while you are there, living with others you learn that although we may be different, or have a different culture, we can live together and can show respect for everyone.

In addition, while you are living in a different country you realize that those differences make us unique. When I was there I felt “at home”, all the members of the project were interested in knowing about others, making everyone feel comfortable and the most important part, making sure that everyone got nice memories to bring back home. We spent all the week working, but in fact it felt more as “having fun” than as  “real work” because we were having a great time with our friends while we were working hard.

The next trips will take place in Cyprus and Italy. It will be a big challenge for us. Creating mini-companies.

Tenerife: April 2016. By Frida, Aixa and Alejandra 4º ESO  D

anagateide avitae

Hosting AVITAE was a challenging experience we will always treasure in our hearts. This visit has made us more aware of the diversity of cultures, languages, and ways at schools. Experiencing this, will allow us to have better opportunities in our future.  It has also taught us the importance of learning foreign languages. AVITAE has prompted us to improve our level of English, and also get an interest in other languages.

Our guests were impressed about the diversity of this island: the sunny beach, the moon like landscape in the Teide, the water cloud forest, and the incredible changes in the weather, sunshine, sea of clouds.

20160421_105927Copia de IMG-20160609-WA0021

Cyprus: October 2016 and Italy:  April 2017  By Iván and Carolina  4º ESO A

We are excited about these trips, our expectations are to have a lot of fun like going to the beach, visiting their monuments, learning their history and their costumes and obviously meeting the other people of the different countries and learn about their culture.

We have chosen Cyprus because we think that it is a great opportunity going to a country that is far away and that maybe we won’t be able to go on our own and also we chose it because we have seen photos of the beaches and the landscape. We hope that the weather will be great and that we will have a good time. We are looking forward to visiting Cyprus!

We are looking forward to visiting Italy too. We have chosen it because we think it is so interesting and we also love its history, old squares and buildings, and of course, its gastronomy.

We are eager to meet our Cypriot and Italian partners in the project. We are sure we will have a great time while learning about entrepreneurship!




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