Graded Examinations in Spoken English (Trinity GESE)


By Natalia, Oriana & Carlota  4º ESO A

Natalia – This is an oral exam which lasts for 15 minutes. First, THE TOPIC. You have to talk about a topic, and the examiner will ask you some questions. Then, THE INTERACTIVE PART, you are given a situation, and you have to ask some questions, until you can give some advice, suggestions, to try to solve the problem. Finally, THE CONVERSATION, where you answer two questions about different subject matters: the environment, social media, etc. There are different levels. The students in our class chose a level they thought they could do well. We ended up taking level 7, 8, 9 and 10. (intermediate and advanced).

I did the exam in the school May 31st. I did grade 7. When the  5th period started, I went upstairs to wait for the examiner in a class. I was the second one after Dámaris. I was nervous all the day and when I had to enter into the room where the examiner was I got even more nervous. I don’t remember much about what the examiner asked me and what things I said to him. But I know the 15 minutes of the exam passed very fast. When I went out I had some doubts about what I had said, some mistakes for sure. I thought I might not have  passed the exam, but in fact I got a “Merit”. I am very happy with this. It was a real challenge!

Carlota – We practised for the Trinity exam a lot. I chose to speak about “Women football”, I thought it was interesting, and I could explain some of the difficulties women who practise football have to overcome. I was very nervous the day of the exam, but I did very well. I got a “Merit”.

Oriana- My exam was on the 1st of June for level 8 (B2.2). I was the second one, so I went directly upstairs. When it was my turn I was so nervous and also excited! My topic was about refugees and what I think the world should do to solve the problem. I was so lucky because he told me his father was a refugee. I thought I had to prepare the topic  and talk for five minutes, but in fact, it was easier, because the examiner kept asking me questios all the time and If I forgot something I tried to say it using other words. The third part, the QUESTIONS, was the most difficult, because he asked me about “living standards” and I hadn’t a precise idea what I was supposed to say, so I improvised a little, and maybe I said some things which were not exact, but he thought I was telling the truth!! Now, I know I should have talked about the jobs people have in Spain, the salary they get, if they have to work long hours, if they can go on holidays, etc.

Then, he asked me about the environment. I explained how I feel about it  and what I think about pollution in Tenerife. If you prepare you can get “Distinction” very  easily!




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