A Day in the Theatre

“The Fall of the Roman Empire”


On 26 of October the two groups of 3º ESO CLIL  in our High School  and their English teacher Marisol went to see a play, “The Fall of the Roman Empire”, in IES La Laboral (La Laguna).

Some of the actors and actresses who took part in the play were students from our High School as they were asked to step onto the stage by the leading actors. They had a lot of fun!!

The story was about two brothers, Lionel and Lionel, who were the owners of the Harrington Cinema Theatre. The cinema had been going through what seemed like an eternal bad patch; because of this, Lionel and Lionel appeared selling ice creams and chatting about the new and exciting  play we were about to see. Unfortunately there was  a problem with the projector and… the brothers were forced to improvise the movie for their impatiently awaiting audience!!



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