Avitae, “a dream come true”

The AVITAE project has come to an end, we feel it has been a great journey! We have shared many experiences and collaborated.

We hope to meet our friends in future projects.

Teachers first  met in Finland, Pukajoki, where we scheduled our tasks.

Students met for the first time in  Denmark, Orestad Gymnasium to start using the “index model” approach. In  Greece, the he Second Lykeo  school,  students presented models, exchanged information about the history of coins and examples of successful  entrepreneurship.

Then, in Slovakia, Holelova Akademia,  students went on working with innovation and how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset: teams collaborated to create innovative international  menus. They also visited companies and learned about failure and success.

In Spain, the IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto “an Agora Market exhibition was held: students presented interesting models of both ancient and  future markets. More work on innovation was done.

In Cyprus Laniteio High School, more training on entrepreneurship was done: start ups, Junior Achievement  and how to set up a mini-company.

In Italy, IIS Machiaveli, The Mini-company fair was presented: 12  amazing mini companies and great products showing what students had learned during the project.

We all have all collaborated in international teams, and developed our management skills, together with digital and language skills. All this work and the experiences we have had for the last three years have been published in the AVITAE newspaper (Finland), e-Twinning platform (Slovakia), AVITAE webpage (Cyprus) and on our Erasmus Blog (Spain).  We feel it has been a great experience!



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