AVITAE day 2017 in the Cabrera Pinto

AVITAE project is about to finish. We wanted to celebrate our last AVITAE day showing pictures and results of this three year journey. We hope by sharing them, other teachers and students feel inspired to try the Strategic Partnership Erasmus KA2 Projects. They are a way to develop language, digital, managerial skills, and make  High Schools more international.



Avitae, “a dream come true”

The AVITAE project has come to an end, we feel it has been a great journey! We have shared many experiences and collaborated.

We hope to meet our friends in future projects.

Teachers first  met in Finland, Pukajoki, where we scheduled our tasks.

Students met for the first time in  Denmark, Orestad Gymnasium to start using the “index model” approach. In  Greece, the he Second Lykeo  school,  students presented models, exchanged information about the history of coins and examples of successful  entrepreneurship.

Then, in Slovakia, Holelova Akademia,  students went on working with innovation and how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset: teams collaborated to create innovative international  menus. They also visited companies and learned about failure and success.

In Spain, the IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto “an Agora Market exhibition was held: students presented interesting models of both ancient and  future markets. More work on innovation was done.

In Cyprus Laniteio High School, more training on entrepreneurship was done: start ups, Junior Achievement  and how to set up a mini-company.

In Italy, IIS Machiaveli, The Mini-company fair was presented: 12  amazing mini companies and great products showing what students had learned during the project.

We all have all collaborated in international teams, and developed our management skills, together with digital and language skills. All this work and the experiences we have had for the last three years have been published in the AVITAE newspaper (Finland), e-Twinning platform (Slovakia), AVITAE webpage (Cyprus) and on our Erasmus Blog (Spain).  We feel it has been a great experience!


The team met in Greece from the 29th of April to the 2nd of May. It was time to go through the three year project and reflect on what has been done, which have been the most positive outcomes and results, what could have been improved, possible cooperation after AVITAE.

Despite this evaluation process took most of our time there, we could also enjoy some educational visits. It was a great meeting. Thanks a lot to our hosts from Greece, Apostolos and Ourania.

What we are preparing for Cyprus

En el próximo encuentro internacional en Chipre  presentaremos algunos vídeos realizados por los alumnos en los que se refleja la vida de algunos empresarios. Recibiremos formación sobre cómo iniciar una compañía. 

The next international meeting of our AVITAE project is going to take place in Cyprus. We are traveling there next weekend. From the 8th  to the  16th of October we will be learning about companies, the process involved in creating a new company, and how things should be organized, so that it can be successful.

For that meeting our task is to prepare a video where we explain what life is like for an entrepreneur. We have chosen Medieval entrepreneurs, and we have recreated a day in some of their lives.

Another group of students, coordinated by their Latin teacher, María Dolores Rodríguez, have also recorded some  expressions using Latin, to tell us about markets, artisans and product there.

Great presentation Lola!

AVITAE 2014-2017: Memories And Expectations


grupo dinamarcaIMG_4098

 Denmark: January 2015.   By Pilar 4º ESO A

This trip took place in January 2015. Five students and two teachers from each country involved in the project met in Copenhagen. We stayed there for five days. We were impressed at this modern school and how fluent Danish students were in English. We had several activities both in Orestad High School and outside, like trips and visits to places around the city. We had a very good time during this fantastic trip and it has changed my opinion about foreign people being different from us.

Greece: April 2015. By Carlos González 4º ESO A

grupo greciamuseo grecia

We went to this country in April 2016.We met in Arta for a week. We worked on innovation and, we also explored the town. Later, we made some excursions in the countryside. We discovered many different people with other points of view and I am sure that it is  an experience that I am not going to forget.

Slovaquia: October 2016. By Yolimar Siverio. 4º ESO Ayolimar for avitae project

Being in a big project as Avitae is not as easy as it may seem, however if you are willing to participate and also you do your best, you will do well, because while you are there, living with others you learn that although we may be different, or have a different culture, we can live together and can show respect for everyone.

In addition, while you are living in a different country you realize that those differences make us unique. When I was there I felt “at home”, all the members of the project were interested in knowing about others, making everyone feel comfortable and the most important part, making sure that everyone got nice memories to bring back home. We spent all the week working, but in fact it felt more as “having fun” than as  “real work” because we were having a great time with our friends while we were working hard.

The next trips will take place in Cyprus and Italy. It will be a big challenge for us. Creating mini-companies.

Tenerife: April 2016. By Frida, Aixa and Alejandra 4º ESO  D

anagateide avitae

Hosting AVITAE was a challenging experience we will always treasure in our hearts. This visit has made us more aware of the diversity of cultures, languages, and ways at schools. Experiencing this, will allow us to have better opportunities in our future.  It has also taught us the importance of learning foreign languages. AVITAE has prompted us to improve our level of English, and also get an interest in other languages.

Our guests were impressed about the diversity of this island: the sunny beach, the moon like landscape in the Teide, the water cloud forest, and the incredible changes in the weather, sunshine, sea of clouds.

20160421_105927Copia de IMG-20160609-WA0021

Cyprus: October 2016 and Italy:  April 2017  By Iván and Carolina  4º ESO A

We are excited about these trips, our expectations are to have a lot of fun like going to the beach, visiting their monuments, learning their history and their costumes and obviously meeting the other people of the different countries and learn about their culture.

We have chosen Cyprus because we think that it is a great opportunity going to a country that is far away and that maybe we won’t be able to go on our own and also we chose it because we have seen photos of the beaches and the landscape. We hope that the weather will be great and that we will have a good time. We are looking forward to visiting Cyprus!

We are looking forward to visiting Italy too. We have chosen it because we think it is so interesting and we also love its history, old squares and buildings, and of course, its gastronomy.

We are eager to meet our Cypriot and Italian partners in the project. We are sure we will have a great time while learning about entrepreneurship!



El equipo AVITAE ha trabajado intensamente en este periodo. Tras el viaje a Bratislava, hemos colaborado con el periódico, hecho el libro de cocina del proyecto, y preparado nuestro encuentro internacional, en abril. La última actividad realizada ha sido la celebración de nuestro día AVITAE junto con Finlandia.

This school year has been  intense and full of activities for the AVITAE TEAM. We started traveling to Bratislava in October, and there we had a wonderful meeting. Writing for the newspaper, elaborating the cook book… We  have been specially  busy preparing the next international meeting. It was in Tenerife, in April. We offered our guests an unforgettable meeting, where they discovered awesome landscapes and they enjoyed a lot. To finish off this incredible year, we have organized the AVITAE day on the 2nd of June. A nice exposition of market models made by different countries, and other prototypes created in students’ workshops. We finished the activity with a Skype session with our friends in Finland. It was our first experience, but we will surely do it again!

Watch the video if you want to know more about the  AVITAE day 2016  in Tenerife

Ancient and future market places

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For Tenerife meeting an exposition of markets has been organized. There is an ancient market version, inspired in Arab, Egyptian, Greek or local  markets, and then, each team has designed what they think markets will be like in a 100 years time. Here are of the pictures of and  models in the Spanish team! A contest will be held among all the countries. We are eager to see what the other countries have on store for the contests!

Have a look at the models students prepared. Carolina and Carla are  going to explain how they designed their models

Here are some of the markets created by the other AVITAE teams. Wonderful models!

The Italian team also presented two different models. One of them won the competition. It was  a very original game.

The Danish team presented two different models. They used QR codes, and digital models.


The Greek team prepared a nice presentation. We enjoyed it a lot!

They Cyprus team also presented different projects: some paintings and a model which impressed us all. Attention to every detail was put in that model. They had a drone for transporting the products of their futuristic market!


The Finnish Team recorded a video of their model.

The Slovak team also presented a digital output




LA LAGUNA, Ciudad Patrimonio

Students and teachers from three languages have edited a brochure about La Laguna. It will be used by our visitors to the town. It is in English, Greek and Italian.

foto para blog la lagunaDurante los meses de  enero, febrero y marzo, un grupo de profesoras, MARÍA ROSA SÁNCHEZ-ROMO CUENCA, de la especialidad de griego, MARÍA JESÚS RODRÍGUEZ FRAGOSO, de italiano y CARMEN NIEVES HERNÁNDEZ BRITO, de inglés, han participado en la elaboración de  un folleto sobre la ciudad de La Laguna en los tres idiomas.

Los alumnos de 3º ESO A, divididos en diferentes equipos de trabajo, buscaron información sobre algunos edificios históricos de nuestra ciudad – PATRIMONIO DE LA HUMANIDAD desde 1999. Cada equipo de trabajo se encargó de una tarea: redactar la información en inglés, corregir errores, seleccionar la información,  hacer fotografías de los edificios elegidos, editar el folleto, etc. Cuando la información estuvo corregida, se eligió una plantilla para realizar el folleto. Fue necesario resumir al máximo el contenido porque decidimos elaborar un tríptico. Finalmente, se ha traducido a griego moderno y a italiano. En este caso, los alumnos que han participado han sido de 2º Bachillerato. El equipo de trabajo que realizó el tríptico en italiano ha  usado imágenes diferentes, pero básicamente, la información es la misma. Les felicitamos por el diseño.

El trabajo realizado ha servido para que nuestros alumnos conozcan, una parte importante de nuestro patrimonio, a la vez que mejoren  su expresión escrita en lengua extranjera. Asimismo, nos permitirá divulgar nuestro patrimonio. Estos folletos se usarán por nuestros alumnos para presentar la ciudad. (a turistas, visitantes de intercambios, y a otros escolares que visiten nuestra ciudad).  Asimismo, hemos contactado con la Concejalía de Turismo, por si consideran de interés usar estos trípticos para su departamento.

Durante el presente curso escolar hemos tenido alumnos italianos, y daneses que han realizado un proyecto de intercambio con nuestro centro; próximamente nos visitarán otros 30 alumnos de varias nacionalidades: griegos, chipriotas, italianos, finlandeses, daneses y eslovacos. Una de las actividades que se realizará, es una visita guiada por La Laguna. Nuestros alumnos son los guías en estas visitas. En esta ocasión, además dispondrán de los trípticos realizados en nuestro proyecto para ofrecer a nuestros visitantes.