09-15 October 2016 CYPRUS MEETING

AVITAE  met in Cyprus last October. Dámaris Chunxiao Álvarez, Carla Rodríguez Rodríguez, Yaiza Castro Hernández, Daniel Llombet Pintor and Marina Trives Gómez 1º BACHILLERATO  students,  have travelled with Lola and Carmen to the Eastern end of Europe.

Lovely weather, loads of activities, visits and entrepreneurial workshops. Now, AVITAE is ready for START UPS. Our next task is creating mini companies and launching new products or services.

AVITAE has become a very big group of friends!

Enjoy the video we have edited.


What we are preparing for Cyprus

En el próximo encuentro internacional en Chipre  presentaremos algunos vídeos realizados por los alumnos en los que se refleja la vida de algunos empresarios. Recibiremos formación sobre cómo iniciar una compañía. 

The next international meeting of our AVITAE project is going to take place in Cyprus. We are traveling there next weekend. From the 8th  to the  16th of October we will be learning about companies, the process involved in creating a new company, and how things should be organized, so that it can be successful.

For that meeting our task is to prepare a video where we explain what life is like for an entrepreneur. We have chosen Medieval entrepreneurs, and we have recreated a day in some of their lives.

Another group of students, coordinated by their Latin teacher, María Dolores Rodríguez, have also recorded some  expressions using Latin, to tell us about markets, artisans and product there.

Great presentation Lola!