Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest

In the English subject  3º ESO ( CLIL) students have recorded a video  about  Harry Potter. Here you can see an example. This video shows not only the great project they have made, but also the wonderful actors they are. Their teacher Marisol Amador is really proud of their work!


Surveys and Reports in 4º ESO

In  the English class  4º ESO students  and their teacher Carmen Nieves Hernández have prepared different surveys using google forms and questioned their classmates to know about music preferences, favourite films, series, sports, study habits, traveling, family life, parties…

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They presented their results to the class. Some of the results were really astonishing. Have a look at the video below.


Geography Projects in CLIL

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0 Exposition

Noemi Herrera, the Geography teacher in 1º and 3º ESO has some interesting projects to show us which her students have done throughout the year.

Lapbooks in 1º ESO about different countries with loads of information about relief, climate, vegetation, natural landscapes, main cities,  interesting buildings, etc. They have prepared maps which included  information, pictures… using scrapbooking techniques.  All this work has been presented in class to the rest of the group. You can have a look at some of their  works of art! Well done!

3º ESO

3º ESO students have worked on   digital cartography. They have used GIS (Geographic Information System).  They created digital maps of countries in the EU, offering information about population, environment, investment on education, unemployment rate, etc. Great Work!
Maps Europe 3ESO

‘Singing and Moving’ & ‘Running Dictations’ in 2º ESO Groups

Patricia Guillama, the English teacher in  2º ESO,  has prepared a some interesting activities   for her 2º ESO groups. They are very active kids, so  the aim is that they can learn while they are moving around.  They have really enjoyed them!

Have a look at the way they participated!  They were really focussed!

Singing and Moving

Running Dictation


4º ESO Students Organize Workshops on ‘PLASTIC POLLUTION’


group with marta

On the 5th of June a group of Biology students from 4º ESO E, and their teacher Marta Casariego have prepared four different workshops to show how plastic is endangering our lives: awareness workshop, plants and how they can help us, animals, and how they are affected by plastic,  reusing and recycling, or creating plastic from biodegradable products. Our workshops were visited by 90 students from “El Colegio Hispano-Inglés”.  The students from Canarias Cabrera Pinto were in charge of organizing the different workshops. and explaining how we can make a difference if we try!

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Thanks to all the CLIL members who helped organize this workshop, Dolores Rodríguez, María José Lozano, Elena Rodríguez, Patricia Guillama, Carmen Hernández, and congratulations to our 4º ESO students and Biology teacher for this Project.


Sigue leyendo

Books written by Agatha Christie in Tenerife

In the third term 3º ESO students and their Biology, Geography/ History,  English  and Language Assistant teachers visited Puerto de la Cruz in order to learn about Agatha Christie and her prolific literary work, but mainly focusing on the ones written or finished in Tenerife, ” The man from the sea”  and ” The mystery of the blue train”. Here you can see one of the projects presented by a group of students.


3º ESO students enjoyed working with real organs (heart, lungs, trachea, larynx, brochi, epiglottis, etc.) in the science laboratory! An amazing experience for them. Thanks to Marta their biology teacher for that opportunity! Bertie and  Yolanda, the teacher doing the Practicum with us were a great help too.


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Agatha Christie and her visit to Puerto de La Cruz in 1927.

anglican churchagatha travelled to PuertoToday  some groups of 3º ESO students and their teachers had a nice walk in El Puerto de la Cruz. We Started the tour at the Anglican Church. Mr. Ramón Michán, a very nice experienced and friendly volunteer from Puerto de la Cruz, explained to us about The Anglican church, and also the Grand Hotel Taoro. So many curiosities and anecdotes! How different must have been then!

gran hotel tahoroview from tahoro

We ended up in Casa Litre, and the beautiful gardens there. The famous writer Agatha Christie spent a few weeks on this area, in the year 1927, after some personal life difficulties she had encountered. It was a place for her to get over her health problems.

teachers in casa litrecasa litre buenastudents in casa litremore students in casa litrestudents listeningcharcaters from book

Here she wrote the book The Mysterious Mr Queen and also, one of Mrs Marple’s Stories. Apparently, there is a story told there which is really interesting. A couple meets there for the first time and then…  Sorry!  You will have to read the book to know about that Mysterious Mr Quin. But the story took place here where this couple of students are!