Mini Companies created by Us

spanish standLINF & WHAMBI

AVITAE Spain has created two interesting mini-companies.  Iván Correa, Pablo Oliva, Damián Zurita, Ana Fernández, Carla Rodríguez, Carolina Torres  and Sabina Simó are the students responsible to present them in Italy. Have a look at them.

What is Linf?

LINF, the app that will make your trip memorable

linf stand

Lucca was the venue for the mini-company fair. We had to create a company, offering a product or a service that made a difference. After discussing many ideas, our team developed and application called LINF. It is an app for travelers. It contains information about La Laguna, our hometown.

We aim at giving the visitors a more fulfilling experience, by offering updated information about things to do, places to visit, the best restaurants, popular hangouts, etc.

When travelling, having the information you need saves time and money, and your experience is more memorable.

Although lots of people visit us on their holiday, there isn’t a guide for visitors which is updated and accessible. So, we decided to create one.

Our app is user friendly, and very practical. It helps people find what they need at a click.

Basically we have designed a tourist guide of our city, but we have gone beyond that,  we offer an immediate service, close at hand, which rates all kind of places.
Our business offers plans to spend with friends, family or just on your own. It is aimed at young people, providing the relevant information they need. Users can comment, put updates, in our @LiLInfo1 twitter account, and these updates are included in LINF right away.
Our company offers personal reliable service. Recommendations are based on what users experience every day. That is what makes us different. It is updated constantly with information from local users.

You can find it in google play and it will soon be in apple store. Don’t miss it if you visit La Laguna. You only have to download it and make the most of your holidays.

We have plans to add new places to our app, once our company starts making profits.

Linf Promotional video

Linf Presentation of Business Model

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How about Whambi?

WhambiShop “By and For Students”

whambi standJPGwhambi team

Our last AVITAE meeting took place in the  city of Lucca. There we presented our mini-company called WhambiShop.

Every year we are confronted with many classmates who  are having a bad time due to economic problems. The crisis has hit many families. In Spain each year students have to buy at least 10 different books for their classes. Each book is about 40 euros. This means, when September comes, every family spends more than 400 euros on books.

Unfortunately, there is not enough help from the government. Therefore, many of our partners can’t afford to buy the school material or get help when they can’t cope with some subjects at school. In order to avoid this situation, we came up with this idea. We created Whambi.

The name is catchy and appealing! So, people will remember it!

We offer an app where students can exchange second hand books at very cheap prices and also get other school material. Private lessons are also offered, for students who need help when revising for their exams.

Apart from that, we need notebooks, pens…. on a regular basis. Whambi can provide them.

Besides, we have twitter account, an email address, telephone number, and of course, as it is “BY STUDENTS AND FOR STUDENTS”, any student can meet us at school every day.

Apart from Spain, it seems to us this problem also affects other countries, so we would like to expand it in the future because it is something easy to organize and useful.

Presentation of Whambi Business Model

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Whambi Promotional Video